July 8, 2007

July 7th Sale Items

We sent out a newsletter today to our customers. It included these sale items:

15x Focusing Magnifier-in-a-Box

15x Focusing Loupe Magnifier-in-a-Box - click to enlarge
Item 1015 $64.00 Sale price: $49.95
Sharp, photographic-quality, optical lens group composed of two coated lenses. Adjustable focus. Heavy, solid, metal construction. Lens pops out of box for use, conceals for protection. Includes protective case.

Lens Diameter: 5/8"
Viewing Area: 3/8" diam. Overall Size: 2-1/8" x 1-1/8" x 7/8"

.001" Outside Micrometer


Item 9500 $49.95 Sale price: $37.95
An all-purpose, standard mechanical micrometer calibrated in increments of 0.001". Positive contact to gauge the thickness of all types of paper and paperboard.

Range: 0-1"
Resolution: .001"
Overall Size: 5-1/2" x 1" x 2-1/4"

10x Focusing Octagon Collimating Magnifier

10x Focusing Octagon Collimating Loupe Magnifier - click to enlarge

Item 1130padRegular price: $59.95 Sale price: $39.95
Eliminates parallax, offers Quick Alignment. Ensure the accuracy of the final register by stripping and lining up properly. Elminate errors by forcing the eye to look straight down at a right angle to the surface.

Multiple operators can print a plate and lock up the chase the same. Fatigued eyes look at the line up mark in the same way as fresh eyes.

Compare to Para-Mag™ and StripMaster™. You won't find a better price anywhere!

Flat field of view. Focusing, coated, achromatic lens group. Clear base allows for easy and bright viewing in low-light levels. Protective case included.

Lens Diameter: 1/4"
Viewing Area: 1/4" diam. Overall Size: 1" x 1" x 1-3/4"

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