August 30, 2007

20x Ihara Dot Inspector / Color Viewer

This multi-color Viewing System from Ihara is a newly released competitor to the BetaColor Viewer. It is the ideal tool to precisely view and separate your process colors on printed film, plates, color proofs and press sheets. Contrasting light allows you to see the separate colors. For example, at the press of a button the blue LED is engaged, enhancing the yellow dots in the viewing area. This method of shining contrasting light to separate the colors replaces the old method of using filters.

A white LED light is also available for use as a standard illuminated magnifier (image is inverted). The LED offers bright, consistent color. No attached charger is necessary, as this lightweight instrument (3.3 oz) accepts 2 AAA batteries on board. Includes a carrying case and handy strap. Priced significantly lower than the BetaColor Viewer, too!

Lens Diameter: 9/16"
Viewing Area: 5/16"
Overall Size: 4 1/3” x 2 3/8” x 1”

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August 29, 2007

Graph Expo and Pack Print (Sept 9-12)- Chicago

More Info:

From the producers:
WELCOME TO GRAPH EXPO® – our industry's largest and most comprehensive exhibition of equipment, supplies, and services offered by top manufacturers and suppliers in the Americas!

You’ll see the latest in technologies in digital printing, variable data printing, RIPs, workflow software and more, on display on the huge exhibit floor. Here you will learn how to develop new services, find new customers, keep customers loyal and gain profit from each. Plus, GRAPH EXPO's series of educational seminars taught by industry experts, offers an unmatched learning experience with over 60 sessions to choose from!

GRAPH EXPO provides an unparalleled opportunity for you to network and learn from your peers, many of whom you can only see at this show. What better way to informally benchmark your company against the industry. Don’t miss this chance to see the latest innovations operating right in front of you in live demonstrations, learn from the experts and reconnect with your peers at this essential showcase of the best and brightest our industry has to offer!

From us: Don't forget! When it comes to handing out a promotional item, you want something your prospects and customers will use and keep – something of real value! Refrigerator magnets and coffee mugs (the ordinary advertising specialty products) simply don’t cut it in the graphics arena.

Our custom imprint magnifiers and production tools are sold exclusively through our distributors. Call your advertising specialty distributor or contact us for a referral to one in your area.

August 23, 2007

12" Stainless Steel Corkback Ruler

We love rulers (well, we love anything you can use to measure); cork backed rulers are my favorite kind. The cork backing help keeps the ruler in place while using it draw lines or measure distances. You probably have experienced ruler slippage syndrome (rss) using an unbacked ruler. This is when you are drawing that super important line, and you put a little too much horizontal pressure on the ruler and it slips cause your line to splay across your paper at odd angles and beyond your original intent.

Because of the cork back, our 12" Stainless Steel model will stay put while drawing a line with less pressure on top of it then a typical non-backed ruler; and it will drastically reduce RSS! Stainless steel also means no rust. Buy one today!

From the Product Description Page:

This indispensable 12" ruler is made in the USA from the highest quality, spring-tempered stainless steel obtainable.
  • Inches in 16ths along the top
  • Metric in the opposite direction along the bottom
  • Cork-backed to protect your work surface and prevent sliding

Overall Size: 12" x 1 1/4" x .072" thick

August 21, 2007

Tag & Label Manufacturer's Institute Technical Conference - Chicago

When: Sept 4-6
Where: Chicago
More info:

From the tradeshow producers:

Our objective for Tech 007 in Chicago, September 4-6, is to provide label converters of all sizes with the select technical knowledge needed to grow sales and profits. Conference attendees will hear industry experts uncover the major new developments in our rapidly changing market. Innovative label converters will share their own trials and successes addressing topics such as improving press uptime; digital plate and sleeve technologies; brand security and printing films, electronics and 2D barcodes.

Don't forget! When it comes to handing out a promotional item, you want something your prospects and customers will use and keep – something of real value! Refrigerator magnets and coffee mugs (the ordinary advertising specialty products) simply don’t cut it in the graphics arena.

Our custom imprint magnifiers and production tools are sold exclusively through our distributors. Call your advertising specialty distributor or contact us for a referral to one in your area.

August 17, 2007

Best Lens Cleaning Cloth Ever!

A big part of our business has to do with lenses in magnifiers. So we clean a lot of them, either in our own use, or during our pre-shipping quality assurance process. We've also gone through a lot of lens cleaning cloths over the years trying to find one that we like. It had to hold up over time, be large enough to clean big items, and prevent that annoying slipping that some times happens- (that's when you are cleaning a lens and your thumb or finger slips off the fabric and you lay a big fingerprint right on the glass. Annoying.).

We finally found our favorite. It the lens cleaning cloth we sell on our website for $4.95. It is soft on one side, with little nubby beads on the other to give you a grip.

From our site's product description:

Microfiber lens cleaning cloth provides excellent cleaning of delicate surfaces. Remove oily films leaving the lens clean, polished, and lint free. Safe for glass or acrylic lenses, coated or uncoated. Silicone dots on the back of the cloth provide a slip-free grip surface for your fingers.

Click here to go check it out.

August 12, 2007

Pocket Pal: Indispensable Reference!

The "Pocket Pal" is a one-stop shop of indispensable information. Have a question about graphic arts--you've got to check out this " authoritative introduction to the graphic arts for artists, designers, publishers, advertisers, students and buyers of printing."

From the publishers:

The editor of the 19th Edition is Frank Romano, with the RIT School of Print Media. “This edition attempts to put conventional and digital printing into proper perspective and show what impact the new systems are having on the present and future uses and markets of printing. It covers the history of printing, an introduction to the printing processes, prepress, postpress and paper. It also has a glossary of graphic arts terms, making it ideal for a wide range of customers,” said Romano.

Specific areas featured include:

* Digital imaging
* Computer-to-plate, computer-to-plate on press and computer-to-press systems
* Digital workflows
* New processless plates and UV and violet lasers that allow use of conventional plates
* Information on toners and digital inks
* Color management
* Binding
* Graphic terms
* International Paper Printing Papers overview

August 7, 2007

Deep Discount on Wide View Magnifier with Cut-Away Base

We have decided to close out our inventory of "6x Focusing Wide View Magnifier with Cut-Away Base (Item 1890)" It's a great product, but we've got a huge surplus that we need to sell down! Originally priced at $19.95. We are selling them now for $4.95 each.

Here's the description from the product page: Cut-away base for easy retouching. Twin aspheric focusing lenses. Clear base for maximum illumination of image. Comes with lens cap for protection of optics when not in use.

Lens Diameter: 1-1/4”
Viewing Area: 1-1/4” diam.
Overall Size: 2-3/4" diam. x 2-1/2"

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August 5, 2007

Save Money in our As-Is Section

Check out the as-is section of our website if you want to save money on quality inspection tools. The selection changes all the time, and can include magnifiers, micrometers and calipers, microscopes, or other graphic arts tools.

The products listed are demos, returns, misprints and factory-rejects. Most are in perfect working order but may have non-functional defects like scratched frames or company logos that prevent us from selling them at our regular prices. The product descriptions will explain why the product is in our as-is section.

There are great deals to be had. For example:
  • our 5x premium linen tester is regularly $49.95, but in our as-is section, it's only $32.95. These work fine, except the lens is loose.
  • the 9x Folding Magnifier is regularly priced at $4.95, but because its frame is a bit yellowed, and scratched we're selling it as-is for $0.49.
Fine Print: Our stock of As-Is items is limited to what we have on hand, and the products we list changes daily.

August 3, 2007

Pocket Ruler to the Rescue

Karl (from Springfield, IL.) told us how he has used our Pocket Ruler (Item 7060). He was taking several Adobe Indesign classes at online universities like Ecclectic Academy and and was being asked to print work and identify the font or type point size.

One of his instructors referred only to metric measurements, so a ruler that has points and inches was not sufficient. He did not want to have to use two or three rulers to complete his assignments, when he can have all the measurements he needs in one. Because our Pocket Ruler has inches, millimeters, points and picas, he was excited to use it. He is also happy that the Pocket Ruler (Item 7060) is only 6" long and can (as its name implies) fit easily in a pocket; he keeps it with him at all times.

We love hearing from our customers. Use our blog comments or send an email to to let us know your story.