August 30, 2007

20x Ihara Dot Inspector / Color Viewer

This multi-color Viewing System from Ihara is a newly released competitor to the BetaColor Viewer. It is the ideal tool to precisely view and separate your process colors on printed film, plates, color proofs and press sheets. Contrasting light allows you to see the separate colors. For example, at the press of a button the blue LED is engaged, enhancing the yellow dots in the viewing area. This method of shining contrasting light to separate the colors replaces the old method of using filters.

A white LED light is also available for use as a standard illuminated magnifier (image is inverted). The LED offers bright, consistent color. No attached charger is necessary, as this lightweight instrument (3.3 oz) accepts 2 AAA batteries on board. Includes a carrying case and handy strap. Priced significantly lower than the BetaColor Viewer, too!

Lens Diameter: 9/16"
Viewing Area: 5/16"
Overall Size: 4 1/3” x 2 3/8” x 1”

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