August 3, 2007

Pocket Ruler to the Rescue

Karl (from Springfield, IL.) told us how he has used our Pocket Ruler (Item 7060). He was taking several Adobe Indesign classes at online universities like Ecclectic Academy and and was being asked to print work and identify the font or type point size.

One of his instructors referred only to metric measurements, so a ruler that has points and inches was not sufficient. He did not want to have to use two or three rulers to complete his assignments, when he can have all the measurements he needs in one. Because our Pocket Ruler has inches, millimeters, points and picas, he was excited to use it. He is also happy that the Pocket Ruler (Item 7060) is only 6" long and can (as its name implies) fit easily in a pocket; he keeps it with him at all times.

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