August 23, 2007

12" Stainless Steel Corkback Ruler

We love rulers (well, we love anything you can use to measure); cork backed rulers are my favorite kind. The cork backing help keeps the ruler in place while using it draw lines or measure distances. You probably have experienced ruler slippage syndrome (rss) using an unbacked ruler. This is when you are drawing that super important line, and you put a little too much horizontal pressure on the ruler and it slips cause your line to splay across your paper at odd angles and beyond your original intent.

Because of the cork back, our 12" Stainless Steel model will stay put while drawing a line with less pressure on top of it then a typical non-backed ruler; and it will drastically reduce RSS! Stainless steel also means no rust. Buy one today!

From the Product Description Page:

This indispensable 12" ruler is made in the USA from the highest quality, spring-tempered stainless steel obtainable.
  • Inches in 16ths along the top
  • Metric in the opposite direction along the bottom
  • Cork-backed to protect your work surface and prevent sliding

Overall Size: 12" x 1 1/4" x .072" thick

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