August 17, 2007

Best Lens Cleaning Cloth Ever!

A big part of our business has to do with lenses in magnifiers. So we clean a lot of them, either in our own use, or during our pre-shipping quality assurance process. We've also gone through a lot of lens cleaning cloths over the years trying to find one that we like. It had to hold up over time, be large enough to clean big items, and prevent that annoying slipping that some times happens- (that's when you are cleaning a lens and your thumb or finger slips off the fabric and you lay a big fingerprint right on the glass. Annoying.).

We finally found our favorite. It the lens cleaning cloth we sell on our website for $4.95. It is soft on one side, with little nubby beads on the other to give you a grip.

From our site's product description:

Microfiber lens cleaning cloth provides excellent cleaning of delicate surfaces. Remove oily films leaving the lens clean, polished, and lint free. Safe for glass or acrylic lenses, coated or uncoated. Silicone dots on the back of the cloth provide a slip-free grip surface for your fingers.

Click here to go check it out.

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