December 11, 2008

PPAI Expo in Las Vegas - January 12 - 16, 2009

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From the expo producers:

The [X]factor. It's the difference between good and great.

Innovative ideas to help grow your business in these tough economic times and opportunities to kick start your year! Workshops for distributors and suppliers are scheduled by industry experts Larry Mays, Robert Hechler, Scott Deming and many others, plus well-known author of the bestselling book, Made to Stick, Chip Heath. They bring insight and ideas together – exploring new ways to identify, reach and keep clients.

Take a look at all of the sessions planned and you'll be amazed by the depth and breadth of topics being covered.

From us:

Don't forget! When it comes to handing out a promotional item, you want something your prospects and customers will keep and use – something of real value! Refrigerator magnets and coffee mugs (the ordinary advertising specialty products) simply don’t cut it anymore.

Our custom imprint magnifiers and production tools are sold exclusively through our distributors. Call your advertising specialty distributor or contact us for a referral to one in your area.

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