September 26, 2007

Proportion Wheel - No Batteries Required!

Our society is definitely focused on gadgets with glitz; sleeker and more digital the better. In some cases more technology can be better. But, we prefer tools you can rely on like our completely non-digital, non-electronic, non-battery operated Proportion Scale. It will never fail you. And, you can always use it as long as you have enough light to see by.

From our Website:
This 6" diameter vinyl proportion scale is designed to quickly ascertain new reproduction sizes for original art, copy, or photographs. It gives number of times of enlargement or percentage of reduction and shows the new size of any element or area of an original when the whole original is reproduced to a new size. Measurements under 1" are marked in red for slides and other small scale work.

Your cost: $6.49

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Anonymous said...

I asked if we had a proportion wheel in the art department today. I got blank stares. I said, "You know, a crop wheel." Nothing. I described it and they all looked at me like I had two heads.


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